Gary McGaghey Explains Finance Team Efficiency

How Costs and Effectiveness Have Shifted Over Recent Years

Two Financial Essentials for the 2020s

Essential 1. Seek Efficiency Opportunities

1. Move Your Focus From Low- to High-End Automation

2. Dedicate Time to Value-Added Activities

3. Align With the Wider Enterprise on Machine Learning and AI Technologies

4. Provide Staff Who Work in Critical Roles with the Experiences and Authority They Need to Lead Effectively

Essential 2. Boost the Finance Department’s Role in Data Management

1. Prioritize Data Quality and Consistency

2. Lead Data-Standard Alignment Across Departments

3. Invest in a Tech-Enabled, Agile Data Backbone

4. Assign Finance Staff Capacity for Data Cleaning

5. Deploy Technologies for Better-Quality Data

How CFOs Can Enjoy Financial Success

About Gary McGaghey



Has over 15 years of experience in senior management, including as CEO. He first started in South Africa and has since served in multiple international roles.

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